[Made Of Fail] Episode 11: Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Episode 11 is live!


Made Of Fail wishes all of our listeners a very happy 2009!

LOOT! Kevin’s new GPS Startup Screen!

Hey listeners! Want a PSP-2000 battery for $20.00? Send Dayna an email at madeoffailpod@gmail.com. She’ll hook you up.

Dayna’s review of Theresia can be read right here.


Kyle XY Season 3 premieres Monday, January 12th at 7 pm CST on ABC Family! Go to http://kyle-xy-season-3.blogspot.com/ for more on Season 3.

Dollhouse premieres February 13th on Fox! Check your local listings, and cross your fingers that this does not go the way of Firefly.

Don’t forget to visit KryptonSite – the most comprehensive Smallville site on the web! Smallville returns to the CW Thursday, January 15th at 8 pm CST.

(In addition, check out ZODcast, a Smallville podcast that sadly is no longer updated.)

Another completely AWESOME new show this season is Prototype This!, an inventing show on the Discovery Channel! With the same producers as Mythbusters, no less!

Earthbound fans, rejoice! The Mother 3 Localisation Project has completed their translation of the game! Definitely give this a try.

Be sure to visit Warp 11’s official website when you get a chance, hm? (WESLEY CRUSHER METAL TRIBUTE SONG NAMED “CRUSHER”. KEVIN CANNOT GROK THIS.)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Email us at madeoffailpod@gmail.com, or send us a message on Twitter: @made_of_fail.

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