[Review] Supergirl Episode 3×13: “Both Sides Now”

written by Cara Russell


And now, it’s time for another episode where I wonder why Supergirl’s even here, as this is definitely plot development for everyone but her.

After last week’s reveal, the gang tracks down another Worldkiller in Julia Freeman (Krys Marshall), who has no idea what’s going on, but is definitely a hostile threat when in a fugue state. The DEO captures and imprisons Julia, facing her off against the Danvers Duo. Kara insists that Julia is the true core personality of their captive, and Alex – newly recovered but now with extra My Girlfriend Left Me and Now I’m Taking It Out On Everyone – believes Purity-in-Julia’s-body to be a threat which needs to be neutralized immediately. It goes poorly.

Meanwhile, Mon-El asks J’onn for help repairing the Legion ship using parts from his Martian ship, letting Winn in on the shiny mechanical action. It goes very poorly when Imra asks an innocent question while they’re struggling to make the repairs and Mon-El pulls a Mon-El. Although uncomfortable for all involved, it also leads to a manly heart-to-heart between Mon-El and J’onn, who reminds us that he had been a happily married man for over seven decades. We get to learn that Mon-El’s marriage to Imra is an arranged one in order to secure political alliances and build the Legion, and while he loves her dearly, being back in our present day with Kara is really messing with him. J’onn doesn’t share in the pity party, and tells Mon-El to suck it up and treat Imra right. That’s our Alien Dad.

Elsewhere, Sam Arias has a lousy day at work where Lena unintentionally threatens Sam’s competence by making herself more available to assist in running L-Corp. Reacting with the avoidance we’re all so fond of, Sam convinces Ruby to play hooky with her and spend the day hanging out and doing fun mother/daughter stuff. Of course, this also goes poorly when Winn’s Worldkiller tracer causes both Sam and Julia to awaken. Sam ditches Ruby at a skating rink with only Lena to call for help, and Julia takes it out on a subway station with our team of heroes hot on the trail.

During the subway conflict, Supergirl gets her butt kicked, and it’s Alex who saves the day when she gets through to Julia, helping her override Purity’s personality. It’s a short-lived victory as Reign crashes the party, injuring Alex (again), and kidnapping Julia back to her little lair of horrors to finish her “awakening”.

Back at DEO headquarters, Imra has fixed the Legion ship. She then takes Mon-El to task for leaving her out of the fight with Purity (and for generally being a dick). Imra reveals that Mon-El was left out of the loop regarding the true goals of their current Legion mission. Sam shows up in search of Ruby (who is safely tucked away at Lena’s apartment) at Lena’s office after another blackout. During a heated confrontation, Sam has another short blackout, and Lena claims to know what has been causing Sam’s recent erratic behavior. Of course, with this being the last episode we’ll see until April, we get none of the resolution and all of the cliffhangers. Hurrah!

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 Eastern/7 Central on the CW. Cara can be reached on Twitter @virtualcara.

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