[Review] Supergirl Episode 5×05: “Dangerous Liaisons”

written by Cara Russell


Episode 5×05 brings Andrea Rojas’ new VR platform to the people with an advertisement campaign that’d fit right in next to Valtrex or Viagra ads. It’s a wonderful in-world parody that masks the more terrifying applications of the technology, as Lena has been demonstrating. Malefic*, now held captive in Lena’s science dungeon, offers to willingly help her research if she removes the mental block preventing him from harming J’onn directly. Since Lena has already passed the point where the sunk cost fallacy takes effect, she consents, and is rewarded by a successful trial to remove aggression from an alien lizard. Of course, she goes back on her word, and uses the successful research to rewire Malefic into a more submissive subject.

Elsewhere, Kara and William continue the investigation into the Rojas empire after Kara offers him help from the DEO, contingent on his teaming up with her. While interrogating an assassin connected to Elena Torres’ attempted murder, we learn William’s best friend, Russell Rogers, was apparently killed by Rojas, triggering William’s reckless obsession into toppling the company.

Brainiac hosts the spider symbiotes, previously seen infecting James Olsen, to facilitate questioning. The big takeaway here is that Jesse Rath deserves all the acting awards, and Kara and Alex have issues separating their friend-hosting-an-enemy from an actual enemy, leaving the poor guy clear-headed and chained to an interrogation table.

New villain Rip Roar steals a laser device from Lex Luthor’s stash to melt Antarctica and flood the globe. The gang is too late to stop Rip Roar from firing the laser, but Supergirl is able to stymie the cataclysm from Antarctica, while Dreamer is dispatched to stop a tidal wave from washing away National City and its millions of VR-distracted citizens. It’s also the event that gets Rojas off William Day’s hook – Rojas International would’ve been crippled if Supergirl wasn’t able to stop the flooding, something a proper villain wouldn’t allow in their machinations. Unfortunately it’s short-lived as the true villain, Leviathan, approaches Andrea to have her deal with Rip Roar. Unfortunately, it turns out that Rip Roar is the missing Russell Rogers, Andrea’s ex-boyfriend.

We’re also reminded that we can’t reliably have nice things. Kelly decides to celebrate a “date-a-versary” with Alex, but after seeing Alex in action during the waterfront conflict, Kelly is reminded of the fiancée she lost during her tour of military duty overseas. It’s traumatic for her, triggering PTSD responses the next day. Fortunately Kelly’s savvier about her feelings than most and knows how to use her words, but as she’s been put on a bus once this season already, I am truly concerned that writers are trying to keep us from being invested in their continuing relationship. Just let someone be happy on this show, for once. Please. With other people, and not just when Kara sees food.


*EDITOR’S NOTE: Malefic is Ma’alefa’ak J’onzz’s “comic book” name and honestly I just got tired of Googling how to spell it so it’s gonna stay “Malefic” from now on.

Supergirl airs Sunday nights at 9 Eastern/8 Central on the CW. Cara can be found on Twitter @virtualcara.

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