[Review] My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

written by Tessa Jerz


So about a month or so ago I wrote an article about the Equestria Girls movie, how it might have the potential to be pretty good and that all the freaking out over it might wind up being for nothing. The movie finally hit theaters for the first screening this morning (screenings at least so far are very limited, with only one showing each day it screens and those days are spread apart quite a bit), and I got a chance to attend the showing.

I came to the conclusion that it was actually pretty good and all the freaking out was for nothing.
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Does Equestria Girls Deserve The Hate It’s Getting?

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the past week or so, chances are you’ve at least been made vaguely aware that Equestria Girls is a thing. News about it (and more specifically, reactions to it) have been everywhere, even bleeding outside the normal pony news hubs, to the point that it nearly seems impossible to avoid hearing something about it. The movie exists, it’s coming, and bronies (and even people outside of the fandom) everywhere are pissed.

But what, exactly, is the whole thing about? And, more to the point, is the fandom’s rage over it justified? Continue reading

[Deconstructing Moya] Episode 4.22 – “Bad Timing”

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Bad Timing

The Scarrans are heading for Earth. The Peacekeepers want Scorpius back. And through it all, Crichton must make two decisions, both of which will alter his life irrevocably…

Deconstructing Moya will take a one-week break and return Friday, April 13th for the Season Four wrap-up podcast, and then… Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars!

[Deconstructing Moya] Episode 4.21 – “We’re So Screwed, Part III: La Bomba”

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We’re So Screwed, Part III: La Bomba

The crew’s initial plan falls through, their escape routes are cut off, and Crichton’s bomb is deactivated. Scorpius claims to have a way out, but it comes with attempting a last ditch blow against the Scarrans…

[Deconstructing Moya] Episode 4.20 – “We’re So Screwed, Part II: Hot To Katratzi”

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We’re So Screwed, Part II: Hot To Katratzi

In which the Moyans once again penetrate a hostile base to suppress the use of wormhole technology. This time, they’re dropping in uninvited, and the security measure is rather more… extreme.

[Deconstructing Moya] Episode 4.19 – “We’re So Screwed, Part I: Fetal Attraction”

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We’re So Screwed, Part I: Fetal Attraction

Moya and crew take their first step into Scarran space to track down and rescue Aeryn, only to find her ready and waiting for them. Along with bunches of guards, Charrids, an automated security system than kills anyone carrying a weapon, a Scarran, and a plague of their own making.