Step Two: Recording

Now that you know what kind of show you’re going to do, and you have everything you need to produce your show, it’s time to record!

Take a breath, relax, and make sure you’ve got all your materials ready. Unless you’re broadcasting live, there’s no real pressure to get everything right. If you stutter, mess up, or say something you decide later you didn’t want to say, you can always edit it out.

(If you’re recording a Skype conversation, skip to Recording From Multiple Locations.)

Start up your recording and go for it! I’ll do it along with you. I’ll record the following text and turn it into a short podcast episode.

Hey, everyone! This is Kevin from Made Of Fail, with my guide to creating and publishing your own podcasts! It’s simple and easy to broadcast to the Internet, and I hope you find it as fun as I do.

This audio is being recorded by Audacity and uploaded to the server space at to demonstrate how easy it is for you to create podcasts of your very own.

Good luck, and continue listening to Made Of Fail!

Base Recording

Hey, nothing wrong with a little self-promotion.

Step Three: Editing Audio

2 thoughts on “Step Two: Recording

    • There’s definitely a lot to choose from, but the best thing to remember is that anything can be replaced down the line. Nothing’s set in stone, so why not use the basics while you figure it out?

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