MADE OF FAIL began in 2008 as a small geek culture podcast by two friends – K O’Shea and Dayna Abel – and currently has a rotating cast of co-hosts. It has since spun off a network of other podcasts (Anglo-Filles, I Hate/Love Remakes, The Reliquary, Signature Move and Strangers From the Internet), blogs (1P Start, Deconstructing Moya, Second Time Around and Straight Guy Reviews Of Bad Romance Novels), editorials, an eBook (Deconstructing Moya: A Farscape Rewatch), and a short-lived radio drama (Star Trek: Galilea).

The Made of Fail Network is a podcast and home for geeks, focusing on topics relevant to geek culture with an emphasis on inclusiveness, diversity and the celebration of sharing the things we love with others. We also encourage creativity among our listeners and readers (“Start A Thing” being one of our site mottoes).

At Made of Fail, we are dedicated to the positive aspects of fandom. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards online harassment. Any comments containing threats, personal insults towards a contributor, or bigoted language (including, but not limited to negative remarks regarding race, gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity) will be deleted and the commenter banned. We are an inclusive and safe geek-friendly space for both readers and contributors.

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Here are the bunch of geeks we have staffing this place!

Original co-host and former Executive Producer, K is a Starter Of Things. They originated Made of Fail with a text to Dayna in 2008: “Hey, want to start a podcast?” K is responsible for a number of Made of Fail productions, including eBooks, re-watches, audio dramas and more. They are also the owner of MorBacon Theater Productions, which performed Sir Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters onstage in Chicago in 2013. They are currently working on their first graphic novel with artist Cara Russell. K currently has no official Made Of Fail duties, but is Dayna’s go-to panic button re: website maintenance and development, and is also the site’s paternal figure with lots of pointing and scowling.

Original co-host. The comic foil to K, Dayna has done most of the PR for Made Of Fail over the years and has been the go-to contact point for most of the guests, as well as the pitchman for many of the episodes. After K’s departure, she selected George Hatch as the replacement co-host, and in 2015 assumed Executive Producer duties from K. She has worked to re-brand Made of Fail as a geeky safe haven for internet denizens, and her current duties include recruiting site contributors, copyediting, PR and marketing, website maintenance, writing various editorials and reviews and being generally NSFW.

PODCAST HOST: George Hatch
Originally a crazy fan who bought his way onto the show, George was tapped as K’s replacement. A sci-fi and sports nerd, he alternates between lurking on Twitter and trying to explain to Dayna what tact is.

PODCAST HOST: Cleolinda Jones
Cleolinda Jones is the author of Movies In Fifteen Minutes; she has written many novels and might even finish one of them someday. A classy dame who knows what’s what, Cleo currently supervises the House of Bark, maintains a howling vortex of delight, and recaps when she is least expected. Like a drifter, she was born to walk alone, on LiveJournal, out of pure cussedness

PODCAST HOST: Emily Whitten
Along with sharing airtime with the great folks at Made Of Fail, Emily is a member of The National Press Club and has been a regular columnist at ComicMix.com since 2012. She is also a writer of webcomics which have been featured on Reelz.com, MTV Comics News, and ComicMix.com. She has also appeared on the Washington, D.C. Fantastic Forum radio show. Emily is a co-founder of The North American Discworld Convention, where she served at the 2009 and 2011 conventions in various positions, and is the founder and Chair Emeritus of The Guild of Chelonavigators, the former oversight committee for the NADWCons. She is now a board member of Ravenquoth, Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit behind NADWCon 2017, for which she is Co-Chair. Emily also served as the Programming Coordinator for Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. in 2014, and as a panel moderator in 2015 and 2016. In some circles, Emily is known as the voice behind the (unofficial) online personality “Ask Deadpool.” And because every good superheroine needs an alter ego, Emily also holds down a 9-to-5 as an attorney for the government.

Professional question asker. Semi-pro manipulator of sound. Trying to live an honest life, but continues to get talked into one last job. Devin has retired as of Episode 80 to focus on his family, and has been replaced by George Hatch.

GRAPHIC ARTIST: Benjamin Colón
Creator, writer, and artist of the self-published SoulExodus, as well as current illustrator of Revolution Of the Mask and BloodGunn (both for Lewis Lovhaug of Atop the Fourth Wall), and contributing artist for Long Road To Ruin podcast on Blogtalk Radio. Wrote a fan letter to Made Of Fail that included a drawing of a cornucopia, inspired by a previous episode, and filled with various geeky goodness. The hosts dug it, and the rest is history. One day, he and Dayna will riff another enjoyably crappy movie together. One day. ;)

C.K. Russell is an east-coast Canadian comiker and maker of things who likes to tell stories about cowboys and superheroes…not necessarily at the same time. When not hiding from the burning disk in the sky, C.K. can be found where coffee, cheesecake, and wi-fi are plentiful.

We aren’t even slightly joking.

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