[Review] The Flash (2014) – 1×05: “Plastique”

Bethany’s blowing up her social media about this show. That’s more of a general reaction, though, but this week in particular is fairly explosive. Put yourselves at ease, ’cause we’re taking a look at CW’s The Flash.

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Hey, guys, Kevin’s having a rough week, so he’s not gonna be joining me this time. The plan is to see him next week. You know what that means? You’re stuck with me, and only me! MWAHAHAHAHA!

This week: we meet a cool new metahuman and I am angry about everything. Spoilers under the cut, guys!

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[#366Flicks] Salty parabolas.


There is no reason for the cast of the new Ghostbusters to be women.

How’s THAT for an inflammatory clickbait headline? Man, if only I had this arranged in a list, complete with one entry that will AMAZE you, I’d be writing BuzzFeed gold. Ahhh, good times.

No, but really, stay with me on this. And you better not be afraid of no spoilers.

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[Review] The Flash (2014) – 1×04: “Going Rogue”

Kevin and Bethany take a well-deserved prison break to talk about their new favorite show. Chill out and stick around for a while, ’cause we’re taking a look at CW’s The Flash.

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This week, Barry and his team take on a new, more dangerous villain than they have faced so far, and an old friend from Barry’s (relatively recent past) comes to visit him in Central City.

Spoilers abound under the cut.

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[#366Flicks] Don’t eat the settlers that died of dysentery.

Bone Tomahawk

You’re living in the old west. Your dust ball of a town is barely getting by. You’re trying to make a life for yourself. That is, of course, if bandits or diseases don’t steal it from you. And then, consarnit it all to heck, you’re attacked by brutal cannibalistic not-quite-human savages.

Who ya gonna call?

Kurt Russell’s majestic flowing whiskers of course!

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[Review] Ghostbusters (2016)

written by Kate Spencer

 photo ghostbusters2016-logo_zpsk1mr4rbo.jpg

A mildly funny, mediocre, and cynical attempt to cash in on the popularity of the original film.

But enough about Ghostbusters 2, let’s talk about Ghostbusters (2016).

I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading this film’s release for months, mostly because the internet wouldn’t shut up about it. The trailers made it look somewhere between “all right” and “bad” (but that’s not why they got so many dislikes). As a fan of the original film, I was a little concerned with how well this would turn out. Not because I was afraid the new Ghostbusters would somehow tarnish the original – that’s idiotic. I was worried that the new film might be biting off more than it could chew by being a reimagining of a beloved classic. Then the positive score on Rotten Tomatoes gave me hope that maybe at the very least, the film would be an entertaining couple of hours even if it wasn’t great. Some reviewers I respect were calling it “okay”, “meh”, and “mediocre” though, so I lowered my expectations a tiny bit. Then I went to see it.

That was a damn fine movie.

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[Review] The Flash (2014) – 1×03: “Things You Can’t Outrun”

Is it just me or is it getting a bit misty in here? Lock up your emotions tight, ’cause we’re taking a look at CW’s The Flash.

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Barry Allen has a complicated relationship with the law, his fathers, and how the law interacts with his fathers. Jailbird Dad was arrested and incarcerated by Cop Dad, but then Barry was given powers by Science Dad1 and uses it in a way that makes both Jailbird Dad and Cop Dad proud of him, and then the skies turn red and the Crisis of Infinite Dads begins.

(The Flash Season One: The Flashpoint Pair-o-dads)

Hope you had a lovely Father’s Day, readers. Or, in Barry’s case, Fathers’ Day.2 I’ve had a tumultuous few weeks, which is why this episode is so late, but I’m back – and I’m not alone! Joining me in these Flash reviews is our friend Bethany, who will join us a little further down the post.

The episode may be old, but spoiler warnings are still in full effect after the cut.

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[#366Flicks] If art imitates life then we’re in trouble.

Zootopia Purge

Today I’ll be focusing on two movies. One is about a government conspiracy meant to help those in power gain more power by systematically targeting the minorities of the populace and fostering tension and fear between different racial and social demographics, the other is The Purge: Election Year.

Minor spoilers ahoy for both movies.

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[#366Flicks] Behold, the national animal of Scotland.

Central Intelligence

Once again demonstrating his many skills, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson convinces me of something I’d never think of him. I completely believe that The Rock, the People’s Champ, dropper of the People’s Elbow, charismatic eyebrow raiser extraordinaire, is a complete dork who is socially awkward, has no friends, and has body image issues.

Basically he’s me, only less handsome.

(Minor spoilers below for Central Intelligence.)

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 45 – Potpourri-tangent-palooza 4: The Smorgasbord

Les Filles cover a smattering of topics this month: including a trip to Sweden, the exhausting and disheartening advent of the Brexit, the utter mediocrity of this year’s summer blockbusters, and the Tonys (and this bit isn’t even all about Hamilton, but it’s still a little about Hamilton).

Click here to listen to the latest episode of the Anglo-Filles.