[Anglo-Filles] Episode 31 – Television Necromancy

It’s aliiiiiive! What’s alive? Every previously cancelled TV show ever, apparently. Do you miss Full House? Does anyone miss Full House? Uncle Jessie does, apparently, that’s why he’s bringing it back. And Twin Peaks may or may not be alive, depending on who’s playing the Twitter PR game better.

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 30 – Colonialism and Buttflaps

What connects Phil Collins, Christopher Lambert, Kellan Lutz, Lucy Lawless, and Elvis Presley? Tarzan, of course! From Edgar Rice Burroughs’ pulpy, bosom-heaving adventure (Don’t believe us? We read out some excerpts to prove it!) to screens big and small, it’s everyone’s favourite Lord of the Apes.

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 29 – Why is the rum gone?

February is the month of love, so Les Filles get together to gossip about the hot couple on everyone’s minds: text and screen. Can the magic of one be made double by the money-making prowess of the other? In other words, we talk about adaptations—who improved on the materials they took on and who failed to understand it?

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 28 – The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Awards season is upon us! The Golden Globes happened and the Oscars are imminent. Exciting, isn’t it? … Isn’t it? Well, at least it gives us the joy that is Kayleigh’s rage against the establishment – what’s worse than the predictably boring Cumberbatch nomination? Listen to the find out. At least we have some exciting Hannibal news to tide us over.

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 27 – Alina’s Best Day Ever

Dai stiho, Cousins! Chances are, if you are a Made of Fail-er, then you’ve enjoyed Diane Duane’s work, whether it was a Star Trek episode, or a Gargoyles one, or you’ve read the Young Wizards books, or any number of her other award-winning work. And on top of all that, she’s a great podcast guest.

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[News] Take The Fire From My Hand

Hey, I’m bored. Want to start a podcast? I think it would be a lot of fun.

When Dayna and I started Made of Fail six years ago, we had no idea it would become what it is now. We recorded the first episode on my laptop, sitting on her living room floor, an audio splitter plugged into the microphone port so we could both use our gaming headsets. We didn’t do any editing, just immediately uploaded the finished show to LiveJournal so that our friends could download and listen to it.

Our first guests were our friends and family. Our first episodes were scattered and unfocused, as neither of us really knew what we were doing, but we learned as we went. We got better. We took advice. And through it all, we made new friends, gained new family.

Through it all, we’ve always maintained that This Should Be Fun. And to make sure it stays fun, we’ve made some changes over the years. We brought Devin on board as our dedicated audio editor, and he very quickly rose to the occasion. I retired from hosting three years ago in pursuit of my own projects, and George filled the role splendidly. The show has remained important to all of us, and we’ve always strived to keep it fun for you, our listeners.

This winter, we have another exciting change for all of you. Following our next episode, we’ll be passing the reins of the flagship podcast to new hosts. Fret not, for they’ve been part of the Made of Fail family almost since it began, and neither Dayna nor I could leave it in more capable hands.

Cleolinda Jones is a blogger and recapper that many of you may have known longer than we have. Emily Whitten has been all over fandom and has the con badges to show for it. We’re thrilled to have them on board, and we’ll be making the transition as smooth as possible for them.

Dayna will be taking my role as Executive Producer, and will be handling more of the back-end production duties, to leave Cleo and Emily free to make Made of Fail uniquely theirs.

As for me? I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be around anywhere you can find me – I just won’t be in charge anymore. And for that matter, I haven’t been for quite some time; the show has largely been self-sufficient, and I couldn’t possibly leave it in better hands.

The end of an era is always swiftly followed by the start of a new one, and I know I’m looking forward to see what happens as Made of Fail finds its way through the future.