[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 03: “It’s Called Whiskey”

A review written by Jamieson Mulash
There be spoilers here, yar.

Well, we can dispense with the swooning I guess. We’re well past that stage now. Oh, come on. You kids need to quiet down with all the noise you’re generating from the friction of those bums of yours. No, don’t do that, you’ll break the be—-SEE?! What did I just tell you?

A few other things get broken in this, Episode 3 of Jessica Jones: bed frames, hearts, microphones, household objects, and a few other details that I’d rather have remained intact. Let’s have a look at the damage.

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[#366Flicks] Do no harm. Take no shit.


This week I watched a movie based on a book about a heartless dystopian government that has opted to keep its citizens in line through fear and a brutal gladiatorial game in which the children of the country are pitted against each other in bloody mortal combat. Two contestants in the game struggle to survive without losing their humanity, find a way to subvert the cold unfeeling powers that be, and ultimately cheat death in hopes of bringing down the system that put them through this traumatic ordeal.

But enough about Battle Royale.

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[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 02: “Crush Syndrome”

A review written by Jamieson Mulash
There be very minor spoilers herein.

You know, I think I keep getting chicken cordon bleu confused with chicken parmesan. I mean, they’re both delicious if they’re done right, really.  Similar preparation with the flattening of chicken breasts with a tenderizer, use of bread crumbs for a crispy exterior, great with swiss cheese. This nonsense about salmonella is completely unfounded if you’re actually bothering to cook the damned things properly in an oven that roasts everything anyways, and…

Sorry, lost my train of thought for a second. Welcome back to Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

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[Review] Jessica Jones Episode 01: “Ladies Night”

A review written by Jamieson Mulash
There be spoilers herein.  

Hello, Made of Fail.

So a little while ago, I was approached by Dayna to review a show that I’d never heard of – not from beyond the rumblings from Netflix, at least.  After a discussion that ended up accusing me of being a lazy moo and not knowing a good show if it bit me on the eyelids,
I eventually agreed to become the newest reviewer for you fine people and to dive into something different – Marvel’s Jessica Jones.  It should be noted that I’m going into this assignment with the perspective of a newcomer.  Besides the fact that this is another branch of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, I know nothing about this show.  No, I don’t know what a Jessica Jones is, and I don’t know what a Kilgrave is besides him being portrayed by a former Time Lord (David Tennant).

So now I resign myself to nestling into the couch, stiff drink in hand, safe from the sudden blizzard that arrived only yesterday and has stayed for an extra period of play as the opening credits begin to roll.  The nerve of Dayna, honestly.  Thinking on making me watch something that I might enjoy with crime and Noir-ish overtones, and…oh.  Oh, dear. That man has just been thrown through a pane of door glass, and now he’s being berated in a comical manner.  Now the dead of night is already settled over New York and there’s mysteries to be solved, and….

Well, I might be here a while.

Let’s begin, shall we?
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[Review] Supergirl Episode 1×05: “Livewire”

written by Dayna Abel, Jason Froikin and Cara Russell


AUTHORS’ NOTE: CBS chose to air episode 5 of Supergirl instead of episode 4 out of respect for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, as episode 4’s plot dealt with several bombings. The episode has been rescheduled to air November 23rd.

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[#366Flicks] Hannibal Lecter would be proud.

Most works of fiction revolve around a central protagonist we follow through the story. Often referred to as the hero, we are meant to relate to this character and root for their victory. Perhaps the character is gruff, dishonest, distasteful, but still has some noble goal at heart. There we’d have an anti-hero. And then we have Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler who is simply an irredeemable scumbag of a human being.

Good times!

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[#366Flicks] The truth is out there.

Are you feeling sexually aroused?Let’s talk about a movie that features Daniel Radcliffe like you’ve never seen him. A movie in which Danny Rads surprised me. A movie in which the man who played the boy who lived makes bold choices to prove that he is more than just an orphan beneath the stairs. Radcliffe adopts a character trait in this film that is so startling I had to pause it just to let it sink in. In this movie, as shocking as it is, Daniel Radcliffe has…an American accent.

Oh, and devil horns. Those too.

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