[News] Hiatus


To all friends/fans/listeners of Made Of Fail-

You may have noticed we do not have a July episode up. We regret to inform you that George has been let go from the show due to setbacks with his ongoing struggle with alcoholism. He is currently rededicating himself to the Alcoholics Anonymous program and is working incredibly hard to get himself back on track. Unfortunately, actions do have consequences, and we’re afraid this is one of them.

Kevin and I are in talks regarding the future of the flagship podcast, and for now we will be placing it on indefinite hiatus. But don’t fear! Made Of Fail Productions still hosts a number of excellent podcasts and blogs that update frequently, and now is a wonderful time to check them out!

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer them. Also we ask that you give George your love and support during this time, because no one in the Made Of Fail family ever stands alone.

Thank you-

[Anglo-Filles] Episode 24 – In Spite Of

Women have been making, playing, and talking about video games since video games existed, and the Internet occasionally explodes over this fact. Les Filles talk about the most recent such explosion, as well as reminiscing about some of their earliest video game memories and experiences. Our tastes and hobbies being diverse, table-top gaming (specifically, TCGs) is also mentioned.

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 22 – Potpourritangentpalooza 2: Electric Boogaloo

This month, Les Filles’ opinions cannot be contained to just one topic. Instead, we do a run through of recent events and kerfuffles, including sports, e-sports, TV happenings, and SCOTUS happenings. Who says we can’t talk about everything at once? (Nobody who knows us.)

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 21 – Some of Draculae, all of Draculbee

Three become four as Les Filles are once more joined by Cleolinda, this time to discuss all things Dracula. Bram Stoker wrote a book and then so many people made movies out of it. And as usual we have many, many thoughts about the relative degrees of success with which these cinematic efforts were met.

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 20 – Strong, feisty, and failing the sisterhood

What makes a female character “strong”? Ability to slay her own dragons (or make friends with them)? Suitability as a role model? Is it the fact that in the second decade of the 21st century, we are still talking about it? Reidan, Alina, and Kayleigh are still talking about it, at least.

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