[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×23: “Finish Line”

We wrap up Flashcaps today with the Season Three finale before taking off till June. In the meantime, please root for the Saints tomorrow ’cause we want to get to the Super Bowl, baby! Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.

Picking up from last week. Iris is dead…OR IS SHE?!

Spoilers under the cut.
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[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×22: “Infantino Street”

FLASH FACT: The titular street in this episode was named after the late Carmine Infantino, the man who designed Barry’s Flash costume and who was one of the architects of DC’s Silver Age. I love it when the show does this stuff. Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.

Quick note: I’m not doing anything like the first King Shark episode because it’d have to come from Jaws 2 and, while I might be the only person in existence who is able to quote some of the lines from that movie, there’s really not a monologue that fits or is long enough from it.

Spoilers under the cut.
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[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 3×21: “Cause and Effect”

Yes, this is a week late. I had the stomach flu and then George caught it. We’re better now. Enjoy this recap of CW’s The Flash.

Okay, home stretch. C’mon, Flash, hit it out of the park…

*watches the episode*

…or, you know, dribble it back to the pitcher for the easy out. That’s a valid strategy, I suppose.

Spoilers under the cut.
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[Review] Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 4×08: “Legends of To-meow-meow”

written by Kate Spencer


Time to enjoy an hour of ZariCat knocking things off of tables with the wind totem.

Usually to get into the mood to write these things, I listen to a song. Sometimes it’s a song from the era in which the episode takes place or, failing that, the Chamber Brothers’ “Time Has Come Today,” which was heard in the Season Two finale. Other times I pick a song that’s just thematically appropriate or something that gets me in the frame of mind.

I just wanted you all to know what I’m listening to as I type this intro.
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