[Anglo-Filles] Episode 18 – It’s all thanks to Kevin’s mom

Executive Producer, and now official Anglo-Garçon, Kevin joins Les Filles to talk about childhood geeky influences. Which books made us what we are? Which was the first movie we saw in theatres? Which relatives fostered our nerdy pursuits? Tune in to find out!

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[Anglo-Filles] Episode 17 – 60% Social Commentary, 40% Spandex

The Olympics are over and Les Filles gather together to compare medal hauls and pull the rug off the various controversies and breaches of human decency that Russia has swept under there in an attempt to “clean up” before inviting the world in for your regularly schedule slopes-n-spandex extravaganza. Also, Kayleigh discovers that figure skaters have attractive behinds, and Alina and Reidan have many feelings and loud opinions about figure skating.

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[I Hate/Love Remakes] Episode 26: The Longest Yard / Mean Machine

Evie and Noel are joined by Made of Fail founder Kevin for a look at the Burt Reynolds prison/football movie The Longest Yard, the 2001 UK soccer remake with Vinnie Jones, and the 2005 Adam Sandler remake with Adam Sandler.

Part 1: The Longest Yard (1974 / 2005)
Part 2: Mean Machine (2001)