[News] Borderlands 2 Streaming For Extra Life!

It’s Made of Fail’s 11th anniversary! To celebrate, our beloved co-founder K O’Shea will be participating in a 24-hour Twitch stream to benefit the Extra Life Foundation. Extra Life supports local children’s hospitals with donations from viewers of gaming streams and marathons.

Please tune in TONIGHT at 6:00 p.m. Central Time to watch K, their local friends Becky and Cass, and our own Kate Spencer play Borderlands 2 until it’s way, way, way past their bedtimes.

View the stream and donate here to support Children’s Hospital of Chicago!

[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 4×01: “The Flash Reborn”

Welcome back to Flashcaps, where we review previous seasons of the CW’s The Flash.

After six months stuck in a pan-temporal extra dimension, I’ve returned to save the world. Or write more reviews of The Flash, one of the two. Let’s try the second one, see how that works out.

Spoilers under the cut.
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[Review] Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 4×16: “Hey, World!”

written by Kate Spencer


Neron created a very specialized app that uses the viral spread of information to track down monster sightings, even though social media apps already exist and can make news go viral much faster. Yet he’s upset that only a few thousand people have downloaded it so far, even though in reality he would already be flooded with “sightings” that amount to “LOL my mother-in-law”, “I swear to God I just saw Bigfoot”, and dick pics.

Sorry, I forgot to rant about that last time so I front-loaded it this time. You’re welcome.
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