[1PStart] Pony Fantasy 6, Part 26!

Pony Fantasy 6, Part 26 – All hail Princess Trollestia

Trixie and Luna leave Twilight behind and continue on their journey to find the rest of their friends. Not much time passes before they run into a very familiar looking alicorn whom Trixie suspects is trolling them…


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Work has gotten wicked busy lately, and I’ve been too tired to record anything most days after coming home. Adding to that the fact that my days off lately have been packed with stuff I’ve been doing, and on top of that trying to get ready for Canterlot Gardens (less than two weeks away now! OMG EXCITED), and I haven’t had the chance to sit down and get much done. Hopefully after the convention I’ll be able to get back to getting content up on a more frequent basis again.

Don’t worry, 1PStart’s not going anywhere, it may just be a bit slow for a while longer.

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