Meet the Failcrew – Alexander Adrock

Hello there. My name is Alexander, you can call me Announcer Guy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

I help out with promo work, mostly for the new Audio Dramas. I am also the voice of Surak on Star Trek: Galilea as well as the credits announcer.

What fascinates you the most about your fandoms, or fandom as a whole?

My answer to that has changed several times over the years. It started out as escapism (and has remained so to a point). I lost my mother at an early age and found comfort in Star Wars which got me through that rough time. Over the years I’ve used my fandoms for entertainment, inspiration and a way to bond with friends. It’s a remarkable thing to build a world from nothing but your own imagination and that it can bring people together to geek out with one another is very special. plus, let’s face it, real life can be boring sometimes.

Since we are on the subject of fandom I will include a photo of the one and only time I have cosplayed. From a very underground anime called Akira that totally wasn’t the only anime blockbuster video would carry for years.

What is your proudest accomplishment or achievement?

I was in a sketch comedy group that sold sketches to National Lampoon. I am very close to becoming a certified Library Technician, I figured out how to play the Buffy board game, Neil Gaiman responded to me once online, I’ve bumped fists with a member of the Wu Tang Clan and most of all i married my best friend and we are expecting a daughter….NEXT MONTH! OH MY GOD I’M NOT READY!

I’m ok.

What do you do when you’re not online?

I sit there and wait for the computer to reboot.

I kid.

School and work take up a lot of my time as well as prepping the house for junior but when I have the time I’m part of a Horror Movie club called the Midnight Society and I used to help run a bad movie night called Midnight Movie Madness out of a movie theater after hours (sort of a cinematic fight club) that has recently reactivated. I’m also a music and comic nut so I’m all over the city going to shows, searching through vinyl and long boxes.

What is your dream job?

Being the voice of Batman. But I’ll take any voice acting job. I also feel I have a novel in me but time and procrastination will tell. Other than that it’s the Library for me.

What is your greatest pet peeve?

Too many to mention so I’ll just say general thoughtlessness.

Alexander can be followed on Twitter (@adrock512)

6 thoughts on “Meet the Failcrew – Alexander Adrock

  1. Omigosh! Awesome K9999 Tetsuo cosplay. :3

    You have an awesome voice and it’s lots of fun listening to you do announcer type stuffs! Looking forward to working with you more on the audio drama things (except we probably won’t work directly together but still wheee audio dramas doin voice thingies its what I always waaaanted and it’s cool even though there are peoples way better than me and you’re one of them and if I stretch this out just a liiiitle bit more the stuff in parenthesis will be longer than the actual non parenthetical stuff. Is parenthetical a word? Is it what I meant? Oh look it happened now okies I’m done).

  2. So that’s a fake last name based on one of the coolest rappers in the world, right? If it in fact your real last name it is still awesome.

    Awesome cosplay too!

  3. Adrock is my legal name but not my original name, there is a story there that the Beastie Boy is a small part of. Thanks for the cosplay compliments and for insinuating I was a king of fighters! Tessa your voice is equally great and it will be a pleasure working with you as well. Also I picture you as a pink pony because the internet.

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