Meet the Failcrew – Kevin O’Shea

This week we meet the mastermind behind the curtain, Kevin O’Shea. Standing at a respectable 5’9″, our hero effortlessly takes on all challenges as they come. He never knew you liked pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, the feel of the ocean, or the taste of champagne.

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

Master overlord. Or rather, I’m the original co-creator of the flagship podcast, as well as the owner and producer of Made of Fail Productions as a whole. I generally make sure everyone’s projects are running smoothly and are connected to the main site. I also take and sort applications for new projects, set up new sites and space, and come up with the majority of the ideas for content.

What fascinates you the most about your fandoms, or fandom as a whole?

What gets me the most is how absolutely varied it is. You can geek out about pretty much anything, with anyone, at any time. My mother, for example, geeks out about baseball, time travel, and musicals – often in the same breath. (Damn Yankees, anyone?) (Yes, I know the main character got age-regressed instead of actually travelling through time. It still counts.)

What is your proudest accomplishment or achievement?

I got to drive a Wisconsin Dell Duck in the lake when I was seven. I also sat up front with the driver the entire tour and got to make landmark announcements occasionally, and later on when my family and I were at the circus museum, I got asked to kick a clown in the butt.

That was the best summer ever.

What do you do when you’re not online?

Depends on the day, usually. I work the mailroom and copy center at a major grocery/foodservice headquarters, and on my free time I can usually be found reading, attempting to pretend I am a writer, or just enjoying the afternoon in my favorite chair by the patio.

I also like to go out bowling (I don’t get the chance usually), play tabletop games with friends (which reminds me, I need to set up a new campaign soon), and generally be a pest to my teenaged sister.

Your fiancée is hot.

That’s not a question.

What is your dream job?

After getting the chance to hang out with Rob Wilkins (Terry Pratchett’s PA) this summer, I honestly have to say that I want to be the Personal Assistant to a successful author. When I’m not taking letters, scheduling appointments, and being a general rock-star kind of person, I’d get to make contacts in the industry and probably get to hang out with Emily more.

What is your greatest pet peeve?

Should HAVE. It’s should HAVE, you learned it in second grade, what is wrong with you people.

Kevin can be followed on Twitter (@alliancesjr) and LiveJournal (alliancesjr)

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    • I’ve dated too many southerners to have an issue with it. I even manage to keep my twitching at “All y’all” to a polite and respectful minimum!

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