Meet the Failcrew – Tony Williams

A wild TONY appears! [FIGHT][PKMN][ITEM][RUN]

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

I co-write The Super Saturday Short-Lived Showcase blog with fellow Failer Noel Thingvall.

Thankfully it’s been anything but short-lived, as we recently celebrated our one year anniversary… by making no mention of it whatsoever. Noel didn’t even send me flowers. Take note of that ladies.

What fascinates you the most about your fandoms, or fandom as a whole?

With fandom, passion is a given, but I’m always amazed at how many talented people there are under the umbrella of the so-called “geek community”. From fan fic and fan films to cosplay, blogs and podcasts, you have people who are holding down regular Joe and Josephine nine-to-five jobs and yet creating things as good or better than the pros.

What is your proudest accomplishment or achievement?

Graduating from college. One look at my Ferris Bueller-like high school transcripts and you’d be hard pressed to imagine me passing anything but gas, let alone college. It’s a bad sign when your high school guidance councilor calls you into his office on career day and says “Have you ever thought about becoming a vagrant?”. But after some stops and starts I finally got my diploma. I even managed a couple of appearances on the Dean’s list.

What do you do when you’re not online?

Unfortunately my job is like an emotional vampire with an unquenchable thirst for my happiness, so I take every opportunity to add balance in my personal life. Biking, hiking and playing sports to feed my inner jock and reading and writing to prime my imagination. My main hobby is collecting Star Wars memorabilia as well as various 80s toy lines and their related merchandise. The online component of this is eBay but I spend a chunk of my off days dragging my friends to thrift stores and local comic book shops looking for buried treasure. I’m also in the process of going back to school where I hope to study to become an EMT, following in my brother’s footsteps. If all goes to plan (Famous last words) I’ll be enrolling this Spring.

What is your dream job?

I’ve always wanted to be a Village Idiot, but I’ve been told I’m over-qualified. To be honest there
are probably half a dozen jobs that I would call my “dream job” depending on what day you caught me. Everything from screenwriter to president of Hasbro. But if I had to choose one I’d go with Man of Leisure.

What is your greatest pet peeve?

Bad manners. With the price of almost everything going up these days civility and courtesy are still 100% free.

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