[Made Of Fail] Episode 42 – Feeling A Little Horse

Episode 42 is live!

Huge thank you to Noel for providing us with the opening audio!


Made Of Fail wishes everyone a happy Glorious Revolution/Star Wars/Towel/Geek Pride Day!

You can learn more about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic here, and read Kevin’s thoughts on becoming a brony here.

Tessa has more to say on femininity and geekdom here.

There are lots of dissertations on Joss Whedon’s take on feminism on the net, but a really good one is here.

The Wonder Woman TV show has been cancelled; few are mourning.

CHARITIES: The tornado in Joplin, MO had not happened at the time of recording, but you can donate to the Red Cross to help relief efforts there or in Alabama. Also, Japan still needs earthquake relief.

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2 thoughts on “[Made Of Fail] Episode 42 – Feeling A Little Horse

  1. Great episode, guys. I always enjoy the insights into the culture.

    And Dayna: If you’re that torn about whether or not to auction the cornucopia artwork, keep in mind, I can always draw you something else.

  2. First time listener, enjoyed the show but couldn’t disagree more about the gay pride parades/gay politics. Who exactly gets to decide what “normal” is for participation? Part of the point of gay politics is that we shouldn’t HAVE to be “just like everyone else” to enjoy the same rights and go about our lives in whatever way we choose.

    I think HRC is a great example of how the desperate appeal (“like me, I’m just like you!”) has little or no political effectiveness. While they withdrew from politics after the 2004 election and spent millions on an ad campaign that did little to change the lives of gay people (who cares if Ben Afflek has a gay cousin?), other gay groups did the real work of fighting in courts and on the Hill, despite HRC’s insistence that “now was not the time.” Well, they were wrong.

    The leather community and people who perform their sexuality openly is why we have a movement, and it isn’t about shocking straight people. It is a lifestyle and cultural choice that has nothing to do with what you may or may not think is shocking.

    Gay pride parades aren’t about shocking straight people, they’re about consolidating community and displaying its diversity, not shutting down what a more conservative end of the community might not like.

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