[Made Of Fail] Episode 46 – Love Is On the Air Tonight

Episode 46 is live!


Huge thanks to our panelists this episode – Alina and E. – and to our victims contestants applicants? We’re going with “applicants”: Weston, Heidi and Reidan. You guys rocked this episode!

Be absolutely sure to visit E’s website Geek’s Dream Girl! They will help you out with your dating profile, and they have an eBook and everything!

SPECIAL BONUS: If you use the code MADEOFFAIL at checkout between now and 10/31/11, you will get 15% off any Geek’s Dream Girl product or service!

Now that you’ve got that shiny new profile, why not try using it somewhere like MeetUp.com?

Here is the article about profile pictures we mentioned this episode.

And for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than weirdness, If Cats Made Their Own Porn. (SFW, we swear.)

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