[Made Of Fail] Episode 47 – Damn You, Barry Allen!

Episode 47 is live!


Thanks to Angie and Evie for joining us this month! You can hear more of Angie on Strangers From the Internet, and Evie on I Hate/Love Remakes.

Our buddy Linkara has more reviews of the DCnU – every single new comic. Check out his That’s All I’m Saying reviews.

Laura Hudson at ComicsAlliance wrote a great article on why the new interpretations of Starfire and Catwoman are…not the best. (Your mileage may vary.)

Former Marvel and Valiant editor-in-chief Jim Shooter wrote a very in-depth article about how the new 52 issues work as entry points, using RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS as his example.

And if you were curious about DEMON KNIGHTS, which we couldn’t get to, our friend ChaoticRambler wrote about it.

If you can’t get to a comic shop to check out any titles, you can go to Comixology and buy them there!

Listener Bipla wants you to check out a spooky webseries called Marble Hornets, so go for it!

We at Made Of Fail would like to pay our respects to Steve Jobs, who knew what was up.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Check out James Rolfe’s Monster Madness all October long at Cinemassacre. Show us your costumes in the comments if you like!

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By the way, the Saints beat the Panthers 30-27.

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