Meet the Failcrew – Adam Griffith

And now, it’s time to meet this week’s guest:

Some say…

  • That he once went over a waterfall in an inner tube.
  • That he collects Rei Ayanami merchandise.
  • That he once lost an entire day in a caffeine fueled fugue.
  • He has seen the movie Ghostbusters 1, 283 times.
  • That he is the Lord of the Dance.

All we know for sure is, he’s called The Stig Adam Griffith.

(For best effect, imagine this being read by a middle aged British car enthusiast)

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

Currently, I’m a creative consultant/voice actor/researcher for the upcoming MoF original production Star Trek: Galilea, as well as a general purpose minion for Kevin and Dayna. I help get rid of the bodies, intimidate witnesses, make delicious peanut butter fudge… You know, standard production assistant stuff. I’ve also contributed my “expertise” on various matters as a guest on the podcast before all the cool kids started doing it. I’m also the slacker behind the chronically delayed Paint-Bit Theater and have contributed to Deconstructing Moya.
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