Meet the Failcrew – Evelina Burke

While she likes to insist she was hatched from an egg, Evie actually entered this world after 48 hours (give or take) of labor. Not surprisingly she is an only child. Then nothing happened for a long time except that she came to suspect that her mother is a Disney princess (she once saved a little bird!). And then she wrote this and fought a bear. She can neither confirm nor deny that said bear was a plush stuffy. The most interesting thing about Evie is that her favorite joke (the interrupting cow joke notwithstanding) is: if Marilyn Monroe was alive right now, what would she be doing?

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

I co-host I Hate/Love Remakes with Noel. And by “co-host” I mean “yell angrily about things I don’t like and occasionally making a valid point”. I was also on the October episode of Made Of Fail in 2011 (the one about the DC reboot).
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