[I Hate/Love Remakes] Episode 26: The Longest Yard / Mean Machine

Evie and Noel are joined by Made of Fail founder Kevin for a look at the Burt Reynolds prison/football movie The Longest Yard, the 2001 UK soccer remake with Vinnie Jones, and the 2005 Adam Sandler remake with Adam Sandler.

Part 1: The Longest Yard (1974 / 2005)
Part 2: Mean Machine (2001)

[Short-Lived Showcase] Sectaurs, issue 2 “The Deadly Fog”

Tony and Noel dive into their latest Sectaurs adventure, where I usually say something funny here, but not a whole lot happened for me to be witty about, so I’m coming up dry. Threads from the last issue are followed up on, there’s a fight, and loads of talking.

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion, issue 2 “The Deadly Fog”