[Short-Lived Showcase] Sectaurs, issue 2 “The Deadly Fog”

Tony and Noel dive into their latest Sectaurs adventure, where I usually say something funny here, but not a whole lot happened for me to be witty about, so I’m coming up dry. Threads from the last issue are followed up on, there’s a fight, and loads of talking.

Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion, issue 2 “The Deadly Fog”

[Short-Lived Showcase] Sectaurs, episode 4 “Trapped in the Acid Desert”

Noel and Tony die of thirst during their latest Sectaurs adventure, in which the Viper Vines send the Knights of the Shining Realm through the Acid Desert to find the Medicine Beetle atop Mount Sectaur while avoiding the Laser Bugs.

Sectaurs, episode 4 “Trapped in the Acid Desert”