[News] Hiatus


To all friends/fans/listeners of Made Of Fail-

You may have noticed we do not have a July episode up. We regret to inform you that George has been let go from the show due to setbacks with his ongoing struggle with alcoholism. He is currently rededicating himself to the Alcoholics Anonymous program and is working incredibly hard to get himself back on track. Unfortunately, actions do have consequences, and we’re afraid this is one of them.

Kevin and I are in talks regarding the future of the flagship podcast, and for now we will be placing it on indefinite hiatus. But don’t fear! Made Of Fail Productions still hosts a number of excellent podcasts and blogs that update frequently, and now is a wonderful time to check them out!

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment and we’ll be happy to answer them. Also we ask that you give George your love and support during this time, because no one in the Made Of Fail family ever stands alone.

Thank you-

[Editorial] What’s Good For Sales Is Not Good For Comics

I have been a DC Comics fangirl for thirty years, and I’ve never been embarrassed by that until now.

Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day across the U.S. FCBD is traditionally when comics companies, large and small, offer free issues which are designed to entice the reader into buying more of their product (thus benefiting the comic book store) and drawing in new readers. Usually a lot of the offerings are tuned into the latest successes of the properties in other media – there were plenty of Avengers stories for the taking last year, for example.

That’s where DC dropped the ball.

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[News] Funeral Donations

[edited to reflect actual cost of funeral]

Dear Made Of Fail friends and family:

At 12:30 am on Monday, October 21st, Dayna’s grandfather passed away. She is currently in Illinois assisting her family with funeral arrangements and other necessities.

At the moment, Dayna’s father John is unemployed and the family has no money for funeral expenses. The cost of the funeral has been billed at $11,000, and the money is simply not in the family at the time and is needed ASAP. If you can help in any way, there is a link below directly to John’s PayPal account. If you cannot help, please spread the word – reblog, RT, anything you can do. John will also be listing auctions of musical equipment and comics in the weeks to come on eBay, and Made Of Fail will be posting those as they go up.

The October episode of Made Of Fail will unfortunately be cancelled due to both Dayna’s bereavement and also Kevin’s, whose great-Aunt Ruth passed away on the same night. We will be back in November with a guest.

Thank you all for listening, and for your great hearts.