[Review] Supergirl Episode 1×05: “Livewire”

written by Dayna Abel, Jason Froikin and Cara Russell


AUTHORS’ NOTE: CBS chose to air episode 5 of Supergirl instead of episode 4 out of respect for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, as episode 4’s plot dealt with several bombings. The episode has been rescheduled to air November 23rd.

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[Review] Life Is Strange

written by Kate Spencer

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The first part of this review will contain very mild general spoilers. At a certain point, I’ll give a warning before I go into massive spoilers and discuss my feelings on them.

“If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?”

Life Is Strange touches on themes of fate, destiny, and desperately trying to change outcomes. While other games have used time manipulation mechanics to give platforming, adventuring, and combat a new twist, Life Is Strange uses it to tell a deep emotional story. It’s one of the best narrative-based games I’ve ever played and I intend to play it again as soon as the shock from the ending wears off.

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You Will Believe A Girl Can Fly

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Made Of Fail friends, fans and fiends! Tonight on CBS at 8:30 EST is the premiere of SUPERGIRL! For the duration of Season One, your trusty Executive Producer will be joined by returning guest Cara Russell and new blood Jason Froikin to review the episodes as they air!

I selected Cara and Jason specifically for this project because the three of us met about seventeen years ago (holy CRAP we got old) on a Yahoo Groups mailing list (kids, ask your parents) about Peter David’s Supergirl comics. The three of us have been friends ever since, all because of our love for Supergirl.

We’re all looking forward to seeing our heroine make her small-screen leading role debut. We hope you watch along with us!

Jason Froikin is an amateur writer who never really made it big, but doesn’t let that stop him. He officially works in software and game development. Writing credits include several fanfic writing series, German Mora’s Girls In White, and a series called World Class.

Jason managed several discussion groups on the topic of Supergirl, including a discussion mailing list, Yahoo Group, and message board at Comicboards.com.

* * *

Cara “CK” Russell is an east-coast Canadian comiker and maker of things who likes to tell stories about cowboys and superheroes…and it’s all Supergirl’s fault. After a wee-Cara got into a box of vintage comics with a character she bore a distinctive resemblance to, and a certain movie made her believe a girl could fly, Cara found a bunch of people on the internet who herd shee liekd sprgrl and they liekd sprgrl 2. Thus began a long career of evil influence and enablement for all involved.

When not hiding from the burning disk in the sky in a fort made of comics and art, Cara can be found where coffee, cheesecake, and wi-fi are plentiful.

[Editorial] Samus Aran and Representation

co-written by Dayna Abel and Alice Durnell

There’s a controversy online – and I’ll take a minute to let you recover from that shock – about a prominent video game character. Game developer Brianna Wu and writer Ellen McGrody recently wrote an article for The Mary Sue titled Metroid‘s Samus Aran is a Transgender Woman. Deal With It.” It was a thoughtful piece and celebratory and trans-positive, which of course meant that it was going to have the best and brightest of the gaming community having a well-spoken discourse about oh god I can’t even bring myself to finish this sentence.

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In Memoriam – Wes Craven

 photo CNs0YcCVAAEiEHI_zpstkv84spt.jpg

Wes Craven has died after a battle with brain cancer. He was 76.

I don’t know what to say right now. I’m crying and I’m heartbroken. Not only was Wes Craven a genius in his field, he was also, from all accounts, one of the kindest men in the film industry.

I first saw the original Nightmare On Elm Street in 1985, when I was five years old. I have had nightmares about Freddy Krueger ever since. For all my life I’ve dreamed weird, full senses active, that sort of thing. I’m capable of feeling pain in my dreams. It’s pretty fucked up.

I had always dreamed of sitting down with Wes Craven and discussing dream theory and nightmares with him. I’ve wanted to have my dreams studied. I owe a lifelong fascination with dreams and nightmares to the films of Wes Craven.

Scream, of course, was brilliant and completely rewrote the rules of the horror genre. Nearly every horror movie since has become self-aware, its protagonists having grown up with horror movies like Wes’.

Horror has lost a titan and a friend. And we’re all a little poorer for having lost a man who showed us how to be strong and fight the demons in our heads.

Rest in peace, Wes. Thank you for all the times you scared the holy living shit out of me.

Please donate to the American Cancer Society in his memory at http://www.cancer.org/