[Made Of Fail] Episode 06: We’re Bad Enough Dudes To Rescue the President

Episode 6 is live!


Twilight fans, now’s your chance to send us your reviews of the book by Stephenie Meyer! Best ones will be read on-air! E-mail us at madeoffailpod@gmail.com

The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja by Chris Hastings! Volumes One and Two available through the TopatoCo store.

Buffy MMO announced! And Penny Arcade can’t use the “Everyone will still roll Shaman” joke again this time.

Mother 3 Localisation Project, still a work in progress.

Earthbound fansite Starmen.net.

Sword Of Truth fans rejoice! Legend Of the Seeker coming from ABC this fall! Check your local listings, as it will most likely be syndicated.

The Giver movie at the Internet Movie Database

New single by New Kids on the Block, for some ungodly reason.

Music video from The Brother Kite on YouTube.

Lord Of the Rings and Street Fighter fans alike can put on their tap shoes and two-step to The Balrog Boogie!

Music used in this episode:
“Hurricane 2000” by the Scorpions (featuring the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra).
“Bus!” by Shadow
“Home Again” by Dale North
“Hotel Rhumba (I Want To Go Home)” by The Pancake Chef
“Sound Stone C Major” by Spekkosaurus
“Twoson Hits the Road” by djpretzel
“Step By Step” by New Kids On the Block
“The Show” by Lenka
“I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry
The Balrog Boogie by the Diablo Swing Orchestra
Final Fantasy IV Original Soundtrack

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