[Made Of Fail] Episode 40: Join YA Mafia Wars [Accept/Deny]

Episode 40 is live!


A huge thank-you to Cleolinda Jones for returning as Kevin’s lovely co-host!

Tonight we are joined by Emily (from “>Episode 25), as well as listener Ceilidh (from The Sparkle Project).

The “Young Adult Mafia” situation is exploding all over the internet. Helpful posts and blogs on the subject:

Foz Meadows gives an excellent rundown on the situation.
-The original “YA Mafia” topic on The Sparkle Project.
Cleolinda responds.
-John Scalzi: “Dear New Writer: I’m sorry I don’t have time to crush you”
When Authors Attack
Salon.com‘s post on author blurbs.

Also discussed in this month’s show:

-Roger Ebert’s infamous review of North.
I Am A Zombie Filled With Love
-Straight Guy Reviews unveils the second book.

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