[Made Of Fail] Episode 52 – Dead Guys Have No Reason To Live

Episode 52 is live!


Thanks to Alina from Second Time Around for joining us this month, as well as Adam Selzer, author/musician/guy-who-knows-too-much-about-grave-robbing. You can find Adam’s books on Amazon, as well as Sparks by his pseudonym S.J. Adams.

I Kissed A Zombie and I Liked It PSAs, songs and more can be found at http://www.ikissedazombie.com/!

Don’t forget to listen to the Back Row Hooligans at http://backrowhooligans.blogspot.com/!

Warm Bodies. No, really. NO, REALLY.

Here is the trailer for Munger Road, about a suburban legend set in Dayna’s hometown. Incidentally, if anyone knows if this is going to be on DVD, let us know.

Episodes 1-3 of our own Star Trek: Galilea audio drama are online, with Episode Three written by Alina!

Here’s Bennett the Sage’s review of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Also, here is Dayna’s review of Final Fantasy XIII.

Incidentally, this is the new Chocobo Theme from FFXIII-2. We are never making it up. (â„¢Cleolinda Jones)

The Last Story is coming to the Wii on June 19th, and we must say, it looks pretty damn good. Check it out at IGN.

This is the Machete Viewing Order for the Star Wars films, and it’s got very well-thought-out reasons behind it. Give it a try, if for no other reason than it excises The Phantom Menace from the series altogether.

Read up on Before Watchmen over at Wikipedia, and tell us what you think of the idea.

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