[Made Of Fail] Episode 68 – Punch Punch Destroy

Episode 68 is live!


…wait, didn’t we spray for Kevins?

Thank you to Sean McNab for guesting and for so generously donating to the Wyrd Sisters Kickstarter back in April! You can read Sans Voir Nocturne at http://www.studiobhwr.com/. Sean is on Twitter at @BlackHatWriter and SVN’s co-creators are at @PaleWhiteRabbit and lovelydagger.deviantart.com.

Be sure to check out Jim Zub’s tutorials on comic creation, as well as Greg Rucka’s Lady Sabre & the Pirates Of the Ineffable Aether.

It’s Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary! You can find “The Day Of the Doctor, as well as other 50th anniversary specials, right now on iTunes!

Check out Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA, Heroes Of the Storm!





Marvel Unlimited! All the comics you can read for $9.99 a month.

Dayna had Things To Say about a Wonder Woman movie. Oh, and we weren’t joking about the pirate rapist Amazons. Read Shoshana Kessock’s article about it.

Finally, this just in: white people invented anime.

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One thought on “[Made Of Fail] Episode 68 – Punch Punch Destroy

  1. Kevin, you were a bit vague, but you referred to the “behind the scenes drama” of people being snubbed for Day of the Doctor. If you haven’t already, check out “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot” here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01m3kfy

    For the TLDR crowd it’s a film made by Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor) that shows a tongue-in-cheek look at Davison, Colin Baker (Sixth) and Sylvester McCoy (Seventh) trying in increasingly desperately ways to appear in Day of the Doctor. I think much of the noise the past Doctors have made about feeling snubbed was likely just to hype this up since it features people from both the old and new series appearing in it. It’s definitely aimed at the major Whovians and there’s a lot of jokes casual viewers won’t get, but it’s worth a watch. If for nothing else, just to see John Barrowman’s deep, dark secret.

    Between that, and Day of the Doctor, the only past Doctor still alive not involved with some form of the 50th Anniversary or another was Christopher Eccelston. And everything I’ve read indicates Moffat had dinner with him to try to get him back, but Eccelston declined. Which is a shame, but not much can be done about that.

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