[Made Of Fail] Episode 73 – Catering To the Casuals

Episode 73 is live!



Dayna will be taking the summer off. She will likely live to regret this decision.

Thank you to our guests Matthew Rossi and Gavin Leaf for joining us this month! You can find Matt on Twitter, WoW Insider, the WoW Insider Podcast and The Warrior’s Onslaught, and be sure to order his books on Amazon!

Gav can be found on Twitter @SonikGav, IWC Chronicles, and the upcoming relaunch of Transmission Awesome.

The UCSB shooting happened just before recording. Dayna did a post on it. You should probably read it.

Here is Polygon’s post on Rob Pardo’s comments on diversity in games, and here is Matt’s follow-up blog on it. For the love of all that is good, do not read the comments.

The Mary Sue published a piece about the “I Hate Fangirls” t-shirt and the backlash it received here.

David Goyer, writer of the upcoming Justice League movie, should probably not be allowed near superheroes ever because, well, this.

Our Glorious Producer Kevin wrote a quick bit on reacting to being called sexist on Tumblr.

Finally, just don’t go hating on your fellow fans, okay?

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