[Made Of Fail] Episode 79 – Never Ask About the Whiskey

Episode 79 is live!


Happy New Year’s Eve! This episode we welcome Dayna back behind the mic as well as our Jessica Jones reviewer, Jamus! Don’t worry, Cleo and Emily will be back next year. Or else. Ladies. :P

SPOILER WARNING: We spoil a lot of Marvel’s Jessica Jones in this episode. Haven’t seen it yet? Go do the thing! We can wait.

You kind of seriously want the comics, by the way. Both Alias and The Pulse are available on ComiXology! (Clearly superior physical book form here at Amazon.)

Goddammit we said not to ask about the whiskey but here you go: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, 2015’s whiskey of the year.

David Tennant in Broadchurch (we never got back to it later)

Here is the original Women In Refrigerators site, and you can read more about it on Wikipedia and TV Tropes.

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