[Made Of Fail] Episode 85: When I Was Your Age

Episode 85 is live!


It’s our 9th anniversary! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? It’s also a few days after Father’s Day, so we’ve recruited Dayna’s dad John to join us this month to talk about multi-generational geekery! Have a listen to his guitar wizardry at the following links:

Unfortunately, John desperately needs help for medical bills and living expenses. If our loyal fans could donate to or spread the word on social media about his GoFundMe, it would be an enormous help. (Note: the total will be off by $1,000 because he used his old GFM link rather than create a new one.)


Hey kids! Do you want to revel in the glory of the Marvel monster comics? WELL GUESS WHAT:

Who doesn’t need a little Fin Fang Foom in their life?

Learn about The War Of the Worlds because it’s really cool:

Faceless by Matthew Rossi is now out on Amazon! It’s Book Three of the Nameless series and absolutely wonderful.

Seriously, read Ms. Marvel.

Music used in this episode:

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