[TV Breakdown] He-Man Episode 1×03: “Disappearing Act”

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In this entry, we’ll be looking at He-Man and the Masters Of the Universe Episode 1×03: “Disappearing Act,” in which we all learn a little something about love.

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[Review] Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 2×15: “Fellowship Of the Spear”

written by Kate Spencer


Three episodes left and the Legends are on top. They and their foes are at a stalemate. Neither has truly won, but time is still on our heroes’ side. If the Legends hold out long enough, victory is assured.

Let’s see how things go tits-up.
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[Review] Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 2×14: “Moonshot”

written by Kate Spencer


This week the Legends travel back in time to the days of the Apollo program and it’s a race to the moon with the Legion Of Doom.

This one is going to give me a migraine, isn’t it?
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[Review] Sunstone Volume 2

written by Brandon Moore and Kate Spencer

Kate Spencer and Brandon Moore return with Volume 2 of Sunstone. The review would have been ready sooner, but they were all tied up. (Sorry not sorry.)


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[Review] Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 2×13: “Land Of the Lost”

written by Kate Spencer


This week, one of the season’s villains has been captured aboard the Waverider. The Legends have everything well in hand and nothing could possibli go wrong.

Whoa, déjà vu.
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[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 2×09: “Running To Stand Still”

This week’s episode is a bit of a rogue one. Grab your teddy bear and come in from the storm, because it’s time to take a look at CW’s The Flash.


How far would you go to protect your family?

This is a question that comes up in nearly every story, sooner or later. It is, like many other themes, deeply rooted in our own fears and insecurities. Often the true horror of a situation isn’t the ghosts or monsters or evil speedsters from another world, but the loss of a parent, child, or other loved one.

Stephen King made a career out of supernatural horror that was never about the supernatural at all, but rather how terrible people could be to each other, and also there were murderous alien clown spiders and vampires and possessed cars but that’s not the point here.

TV Tropes refers to it as the Adult Fear, and it can evoke a far more visceral reaction from the viewer than any jump scare or xenomorph from hell.

…gosh, this is a depressing opening for a super fun Christmas episode.

Though this episode is old, spoiler warnings are in effect after the cut.
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[Review] The Flash (2014) Episode 2×08: “Legends Of Today”/Arrow Episode 4×08: “Legends Of Yesterday”

These two episodes of television were too savage for Kevin and Bethany to handle alone. What happens next is nothing short of legendary, so grab a friend because it’s time to take a look at CW’s The Flash and Arrow.


This is a big ol’ two-parter and we’ve got a guest this week, so we’re gonna skip the preliminaries and go straight to the good stuff!

Spoilers below the cut.
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