[Review] Legends of Tomorrow Episode 6×15: “The Fungus Amongus”

written by Kate Danvers

I’m not saying marriage equality saves the world but…okay, that’s exactly what I’m saying.


Picking up from the previous episode, Spooner is unconscious and dying because of her link to the Fountain of Imperium; Constantine is dead, leaving behind a single mushroom; Behrad returns and blames himself for missing the signs of Constantine’s magic addiction; and Mick is fine. Yeah, apparently being completely engulfed in an explosion that destroys both the lab and Gideon’s mainframe is something Mick can shrug off.

Bishop escapes in Kayla’s ship, and his plan commences. Zaguron scouts land on the planet in a drop pod and send out a signal saying that the coast is clear for invasion. More drop pods land and when nightfall hits, they’re going to crack open and destroy the planet. Bishop’s real plan is to restart the human race afterward with him and Sara as the new Adam and Eve.

Dude, she’s just not into you.

Since Bishop thinks like Sara (because that’s totally how DNA works), the Legends come up with a brilliant plan: Shoot down all of Sara’s ideas and only go with plans she would never think of trying! Insubordination day! I like this idea in theory, but the team once magically conjured an amusement park full of mythical creatures. The stuff Sara won’t greenlight in this episode pales in comparison.

This isn’t even, like, one of their top thirty stupidest ideas.

The most outlandish idea? Recruiting Bishop from the past to develop a cure for the poison. Second-most outlandish idea? Behrad says Constantine is alive as a mushroom and they have to eat him if they want to save the world. Sara doesn’t want anyone tripping on shrooms before the alien apocalypse hits, even if it is something she would never consider.

Mushroom!John convinces her otherwise. She eats it and has a vision where Constantine tells her that healing the Fountain won’t be enough, since it no longer considers the human race worthy. He also says that loving someone and being loved is everything and he wishes that had been enough for him. Before the vision ends, he imparts one last bit of wisdom, which a very high Sara gives to the others.

“We are all connected!”

High Sara is adorable and since we never got to see Behrad’s first few weeks on the ship, I’m going to assume this was the norm until Gideon learned to properly cycle the air filters.

NerdBishop’s cure works and Spooner and the Fountain recover, but the invasion is still imminent. Sara decides to do the other thing she wouldn’t do under these circumstances: get married. The brief but really sweet ceremony is interrupted by Bishop, who darkens the sky using a smoke trail from the ship, and the Zagurons attack. The Legends fall back to the house to defend it, but things look bad until Spooner discovers a new power – swapping the powers of her teammates. It’s the “connected” thing, I guess.

It’s not enough, so it’s now or never for Sara and Ava. The Legends huddle around the couple as they say their “I do”s and kiss. A giant wave of energy erupts around them and disintegrates the aliens, because the Fountain of Imperium totally ships Avalance. With his plans thwarted, Bishop is about to just shoot all the Legends, but Mick and Kayla’s eggs hatch and the babies devour him.

Zari finds Constantine alive again – he cut a deal with a demon to separate him from the Fountain, but he decides to part ways with the Legends, giving Zari an old key before he does. Mick is also leaving, choosing to raise his kids together with Kayla. The remaining Legends walk to the Waverider to leave, but another Waverider appears and blows it up.


The wedding was fun and cute. In the lead-up, Ava stresses over her vows and gets good advice from Gary. She asks him to walk her down the aisle, which is really sweet and parallels Mick walking with Sara. Gary is the person there who Ava has known the longest and Mick is the person there who Sara has known the longest. Behrad sings and plays guitar, Nate performs the ceremony because he took an online certification thing, and Oliver and Felicity aren’t there to co-opt the wedding.

I have to talk about this, too.

Spooner sends her mom away before the invasion starts to keep her safe, and a really beautiful thing happens. Astra sees this, knows what it means, knows how it’s going to affect Spooner, and she hugs her. Let me say that again: Astra Logue, former Queen of Hell, comforts her friend, tough gal loner Spooner Cruz. This isn’t my love of lady couples with height differences appreciating the scene…okay, not entirely, but this is a genuinely good “found family” moment that brought a tear to my eye.

This is the end of the road for Mick, at least as a series regular. It is wild to see where he started on The Flash and Season One of Legends and where he is now. At one point, he sits to watch over the eggs while everyone else is off doing stuff, because he abandoned Lita and doesn’t want to make that same mistake again. And when he meets one of his newly hatched alien kids for the first time, he says he loves them. This is not the same Mick Rory who Rip Hunter recruited years ago. He’s still a grumbly, growling bastard, but he’s learned to be a better person.

Unfortunately, John Constantine continues to slip into his old habits. Yes, he saw the error of his ways at the end, but he still sold his soul to free himself from the Fountain. He leaves the Legends because he’s walking a different path or some bullshit, but I think the real reason is that he can’t face them after what he’s done. He only says goodbye to Zari, giving a little closure to their relationship. I hope wherever he ends up, he doesn’t walk alone. He’s the kind of guy who needs good influences. He needs a team to remind him he doesn’t always have to be a “nasty piece of work.”

In conclusion: WIVES!

Yeah, you ain’t getting out of here without appreciating this with me.

So that’s it for Season Six. Again, I think the premise falls apart when you really think about the whole alien angle in a post-Crisis world, but it was pretty solid. Also, Ava and Sara are married! Yaaaaay! Guess we’ll have to wait till next season to find out what’s up with the Waverider blowing up the Waverider. When’s that again?

October 13th? Fuck’s sake.

Next time: We’re moving to Wednesdays! Wait…both shows again? Goddamnit.


Legends of Tomorrow airs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 ET/7 CT. Kate now has an unrealistic expectation that her own gay wedding will cause a magical explosion that rids the world of evil. Those wedding pictures will be posted on Twitter @WearyKatie.

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