Meet the Failcrew – Devin Baker

Greetings, fellow internet denizens! I’m Devin Baker, editor of the Made of Fail podcast. You might know me from fandoms such as DC Comics, Square-Enix (particularly Kingdom Hearts), and my lovely fiancée.

What is your role in Made of Fail Productions?

I take the ball of words that is the raw take of Made of Fail and shape it into something that sounds like a podcast—segments, interludes, intros, etc. It’s a fairly easy task; the hosts are good at moderating the discussion and keeping it lively, though I do have to cut the occasional flub or tangent that goes too far afield.

If you haven’t read our Podcasting Guide and you’re interested in editing, scroll to the top of the screen and click the button for some great advice. It’s how I learned.
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