[Made Of Fail] Episode 10: Do We Dazzle You?

Episode 10 is live!


Be sure to watch Cleolinda’s Movies In Fifteen Minutes community for her Twilight In Fifteen Minutes!

Twilight Pre-Show Interview
Twilight Post-Show Interview #1
Twilight Post-Show Interview #2

“Pattinson Preps For Twilight Takeover”, in which Robert Pattinson calls Twilight a “sick sexual fantasy”. Anyone else love this kid?

Access Hollywood Interview Part One; Part Two.

Pre-order Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories at Amazon.com – available 12/02/08.

HEY KIDS! IT’S A CONTEST! Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe is out! We’d love to review it, but we’re technologically behind! Send your reviews in to madeoffailpod@gmail.com. The best one will win you a spot on the next episode to talk about the game. Don’t have a headset? We’ll buy you one!

Batman Vs. Batman. UR SUING IT WRONG.

SRS BSNS: Folks, it’s the season of giving, so please consider giving your time and/or money to a charity of your choice. We suggest the American Cancer Society, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the Red Cross.

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