[Made Of Fail] Episode 22: Don’t Taunt the Fear Demon

Episode 22 is live!


HEY WE SURE WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU TO BE WATCHING DOLLHOUSE except Fox in its “infinite wisdom” is pulling it for November. FOR NOVEMBER SWEEPS. We normally would not put inarticulate rage in the show notes here but asdfghCOME ON WHAT THE HELL. Therefore we urge you to tweet or email Fox Broadcasting and be all THIS IS STUPID THE SHOW IS AWESOME DON’T SCREW IT OVER LIKE YOU DID WITH FIREFLY. Also, watch Dollhouse on Hulu – a lot. (WhyIWatch.com gives very very good reasons why.) Dollhouse airing schedule for December is here.

“Look away, Marian! If you don’t look it can’t hurt you!” Here is the trailer for the Nightmare On Elm Street *sigh* remake, due out April 30, 2010. You’ve been duly warned.

Moving towards good movies, Paranormal Activity is in theaters right now! This is a once-in-a-lifetime horror movie that should only be seen in theaters, not the least reason being that you get a really crappy alternate ending if you torrent it.

Also in theaters: Zombieland. Not since Shaun Of the Dead has there been such an excellent blend of humor and corpses, unless you count that one guy Dayna used to date. Thank you, we’ll be here all night. Tip the veal and try the waitress.

BOOKS YOU WANT TO READ: Robert Englund’s memoir Hollywood Monster, Cleolinda Jones’ e-book Movies In Fifteen Minutes: Wizards (so nice we’ve linked it twice!) and Wil Wheaton’s Memories Of the Future Vol. 1. All of which are totally worth reading.

Did you like Dennis on the show? He has his own! Subscribe to the Yeah, I Said It! Show on YouTube – new episodes coming soon!

Jillian’s Music News! Bach’s Toccata and Fugue In D minor (The traditional “Scary Organ” music), Falla’s Dance of Terror, Saint-Saen’s Danse Macabre, and the Creepshow theme song. Here is “When You Wake” by Eden Express. Also, Google and Myspace Music marry? Whut? Maybe? AUGH.

Lastly, here is the official website for Evil Dead: The Musical. WE’RE SORRY, KARL. You can also buy the soundtrack on Amazon.

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