[Made Of Fail] Episode 23: FACE PUNCH!!

Episode 23 is live!


WARNING #1: Contains great spoilers for New Moon.
WARNING #2: This episode is massively NSFW. You have been warned. See, it said “warning” and everything.

Thank you to Rinna from Potter Fic Weekly and The Poufwa Exchange for joining us, as well as the always wonderful Cleolinda Jones!

Dollhouse is cancelled, because there is no justice in the world. Fox will be showing back-to-back episodes at 8/7 Central starting December 4th, so watch it go out on a high note, won’t you?

Here are Kevin’s and Dayna’s notes from New Moon.

Also read Cleolinda’s New Moon In Fifteen Minutes! (Don’t forget to check out her other recaps at Movies in Fifteen Minutes)

The Spoony One’s review of New Moon is here.

Dayna’s review of This Isn’t Twilight: The XXX Parody is here. NO WE ARE NOT LINKING YOU TO THE PRODUCT SITE.

How have we not linked this? Growing Up Cullen: partially canon as of Midnight Sun!

Check out this gallery of Twisted Disney Princesses! Incredibly well-done, and the details are phenomenal.

Made Of Fail in Jamaica! Hey, Brandon, you think you could just sneak us into the cargo hold next time?

Read this: Gail Carriger’s Soulless. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Firelight: A Twilight Parody from Saturday Night Live. (Thanks, Noel!)

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