[Made Of Fail] Episode 67 – Shut Up and Take My Money

Episode 67 is live!


Thank you to Tessa and Cara for joining us this episode! We apologize for the long, long delay in the release of this episode. Technology is an ass sometimes.

Greatest of thanks to our tireless editor Devin for fixing the audio of the Podcast Of the Damned. Seriously, this thing took three tries to actually get recorded.

You can find Cara at @virtualcara, CKRussell.com, VirtualCara.net and VirtualCara on Tumblr. Buy/commission her art, and read her cyber-western-punk comic Colt at gravityshift.net/colt!

There has been sooooo much rage over DC Comics’ idiocy that we barely know where to start. Has DC Done Something Stupid Today is the best barometer for this sort of thing.

Here‘s basically what happened with Batwoman. (By the way, it’s actually gotten WORSE since recording. They are not letting Williams and Blackman even finish their story. No, really. Too much anger for one parenthetical.)

The Mary Sue writes about a lot of the underlying problems behind this decision.

Listener WearyKatie has written an excellent piece on the controversy and representation here

Dan DiDio, publisher of DC Comics, is really really really bad at PR on top of decision-making. A lot of people want him fired. We at Made Of Fail support this movement.

Here is the new Nintendo 2DS! What do you think, listeners?

Oh, and by the way, DC is also making light of suicide and doesn’t know how to be clear about its context. Ever. And continuing to mess up Harley Quinn. At least they can multitask?

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