[Review] Supergirl Episode 3×11: “Fort Rozz”

written by Cara Russell


While I fully appreciate having a “girls only” adventure, given that our cast has enough women to warrant the feasibility of a lady team-up, I still think it’s pretty convoluted that to do so, we have to send them to a location where anyone with a Y chromosome will die (the blue star Fort Rozz currently orbits). Sometimes the best choices for a mission are (wait for it!) all women.

Still, the inclusion of Psi and Livewire to Supergirl and Saturn Girl’s group adds an extra element of dramatic tension, as Our Heroines break into a jail with a couple of criminals in search of another criminal – Jindah Kol Rozz (played by Sarah Douglas), for whom Fort Rozz was named. She’s also one of the priestesses responsible for fostering the Worldkillers, including Reign. Supergirl bonds with Livewire over her recent circumstances, finding a sounding board in Livewire, who seems happy to know that the “perfect” Girl of Steel is as human and fallible as she is.

Of course, it’s a setup, as the unkillable lightning girl finally meets her end saving Supergirl when Reign shows up uninvited, and Psi is just a moment too late to stop the attack. It’s extra galling as they’re just a short distance away from the Legion ship and its magical healing pods that don’t even warrant a mention.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Alex is benched with a broken leg, and looks after Ruby Arias while Sam should be on an L-Corp business trip. Alex is bonding well with Ruby (while also…saying she’s a bad babysitter? While Maggie gets a mention, reminding us that they broke up because Alex wanted children so badly? While Ruby’s old enough to be largely self-sufficient and not a burden to someone who is in need of mobility assistance? I have so many questions). Sam, on her return after being mind-fried by Psi, has a mental break in front of Alex, admitting that she’s been having gaps in her memory and that something might be wrong with her.

We’re also shown the awakening of another Worldkiller in Julia, a new character who gets pinned between two cars before shaking it off, and proving that the hints being dropped by the dark Kryptonians weren’t all bluster.

In conclusion, I don’t think I’ve been both so happy and so mad at the same time at a single episode of Supergirl to date, and I’d like to see some redemption arcs that aren’t fulfilled by Mon-El (who, while always a jerk, was never a “villain”) or end in the death of the redeemed.

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One thought on “[Review] Supergirl Episode 3×11: “Fort Rozz”

  1. Criminal underuse of Sarah Douglas (Ursa from Superman I & II) – a wonderful actress cast in a woefully short role, but such a great character! I hope she’s not really dead.

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