[Review] Supergirl Episode 5×17: “Deus Lex Machina”

written by Cara Russell


Finally back from hiatus, and it feels like we’ve slipped into a parallel universe. Thanks, Barry.

First things first – we all know it’s a Lex Luthor plot. It was set up more than a year ago when Lex escaped death, manipulated destiny, changed time, and made himself a “good guy.” Spending the better part of an episode relaying how it all played out from Lex’s point of view isn’t quite the dramatic reveal one might expect, although it’s nice to see a fairly competent villain in action.

What is a dramatic reveal, however, is that the new Earth-Prime version of Eve Teschmacher is not just the genius we are familiar with. She’s also a highly trained assassin, and she’s out to destroy Leviathan from the inside as revenge for murdering her father to coerce her into service. Lex convinces her to join forces with him, using her as a spy and enforcer against Obsidian Platinum in order to ingratiate himself into Leviathan’s good graces. Lex also sends Eve after Jeremiah Danvers, whom he claims murdered Eve’s father (it’s coming from Lex, so it’s ultimately just creating blackmail material for Eve and pain for the Danverses).

Meanwhile, Lex is still trying to get Lena to love him most and fully reject Supergirl. He creates a situation where Myriad is needed to locate the missing Obsidian Platinum users, leveraging Brainiac 5 to deliver the info to the Super Scoobs. Lena detects the Myriad scan, and the pair of Luthors dash off to confront Supergirl in the Fortress of Solitude. After Lena exits a tense confrontation, an invisible assassin releases a Sun Eater and knocks Supergirl out in the process. Fortunately, M’gann M’orzz shows up from Mars to aid in capturing the creature. She and J’onn hold out long enough for Supergirl to revive and meet them in space to recapture the Sun Eater before it, well, eats the sun.

Of course, this is largely a distraction, as Lex is busy framing someone else for the missing people…and framing Supergirl as a huge threat, so that Leviathan will kill her for him. So far he’s fully successful, and gloats to his mother Lillian about it. Lex then decides he can have a little breaking and entering, as a treat, and steps through a portal into the deserted Fortress of Solitude. Thanks to Lena, now he knows exactly where said Fortress is.

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out next. Hopefully, it’ll be Lillian Luthor outplaying Lex. She seems to be the only person who sees right through him, and Lex doesn’t seem to be keeping her in check.


Supergirl airs Sunday nights at 9 Eastern/8 Central on the CW. Cara can be found on Twitter @virtualcara.

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