[Review] Watch_Dogs 2

written by Matthew Finneman

Hype is a tricky beast. On one hand, it is a powerful tool for motivating gamers into anticipating your new IP. But that same wave of excitement can quickly turn to backlash when the hype-fueled, unrealistic expectations give way to reality. Hype can quite literally make or break a game. There are quite a few notable games this generation which have fallen prey to “the hype,” and one of the most well-known of them is the game which encapsulated all of the excitement and anticipation of the new generation of consoles – Watch_Dogs.

Years went by. Hype grew and turned to skepticism and snark. The game sold well, but its grimdark setting, repetitive mission structure, unlikable grimdark protagonist, and its GTA me-too gameplay kept it from becoming a true classic, despite the novelty and fun of a fully hackable world.

Enter Watch_Dogs 2.
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[Review] World Of Final Fantasy

written by Matthew Finneman

We live in an age of remakes and reboots. A world where ’80s throwbacks are slowly giving way to ’90s throwbacks. A time where cashing in on nostalgia has never been more prevalent or lucrative. A lot of these endeavors are met with eyerolls, and are often called out for being cash grabs. Fans claim imagination and inventiveness are dying. And maybe they are right. But sometimes, just sometimes…an attempt to hearken back to an earlier era, an attempt to throw caution to the wind and lol fanservice in our faces just works.

That is exactly what happened with World Of Final Fantasy.
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[Review] Legends of Tomorrow Episode 1×01: “Pilot, Part One”

written by Kate Danvers and Matthew Finneman

I got two reviews of the new DC television series, Legends of Tomorrow, from two different people over the weekend, so in the interest of fairness, I’ll be posting them both just this once. Kate and Matt will be alternating episode reviews and they’ll be going up every Friday.


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