[Made Of Fail] Episode 12: Buckets Of Explosions!

Episode 12 is live!


Our special guest Lewis Lovhaug has more comics to tear apart – sometimes literally. Be sure to read his blog and watch his reviews at Atop the Fourth Wall!

ALSO! Be sure to download Lewis’ REVOLUTION OF THE MASK #1! Under a buck and some sweet, sweet dystopian action.

“It’s magic; we don’t have to explain it”: the original interview at Newsarama and – no kidding – the t-shirt. (ALSO: BONUS VIDEO of Dayna and Kevin in the comic book store purchasing it.)

You can read The Life Of Reilly online. It’s very long, but worth it for really hardcore Spider-Man fans.

Fox and Warner Brothers have kissed and made up so Watchmen can be released on 3/6/09 as scheduled – read about it here.

D.J. Caruso will be directing a Y: THE LAST MAN movie! This is a great series even – and especially – for those of you not ordinarily into comics. You can pick up the trades at Amazon.com, starting with Unmanned.

Here is a clip from Wil Wheaton’s episode of Batman: The Brave & the Bold, where he plays Ted Kord, the Silver Age Blue Beetle. It’s on Cartoon Network at various times, so check your local listings for the episode entitled “Fall Of the Blue Beetle!”

Dayna’s selling comics! Check out her list o’stuff here.

One final note: Listen to the Geektastic podcast! They mentioned us WOO POPULARITY!

ADDITIONAL FINAL NOTE: We are very very sorry for the sound issue (you didn’t really need to hear Kevin, right?) this episode. New recording software, won’t happen again, please don’t shank us.

Music used in this episode:
“Ode To A Superhero” by Weird Al Yankovic

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