[Made Of Fail] Episode 31: Second Anniversary Live Extravaganza

Episode 31 is live!


Thank you to everybody who is a fan and/or friend of the show, and thank you for listening to our very first live show…even though Dayna almost tech!failed it. Also, a huge thank you to our dear friend Cleolinda Jones, who popped on with us to say hi. We are very grateful for all of you and we hope to keep you entertained for many more years to come.

So E3 happened! Here is some info on the games Kevin and Dayna are looking forward to:
The 3rd Birthday (PSP, 2010) [trailer]
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of the Starry Skies (DS, 7/11/10) [trailer]
Epic Mickey (Wii, 2010) [trailer]
God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta (PSP, 2010) [trailer]
Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (DS, 2010) [trailer]
The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii, 2011) [trailer]
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (PS3/XBox360, Spring 2011) [trailer]
Metroid: Other M (Wii, 8/31/10) [trailer]
Mortal Kombat (PS3/XBox360, 2011) [trailer]
Portal 2 (PC/Mac/PS3/XBox360, 2011) [trailer]

The MoF crew has a few side projects going on! Kevin’s comedy debut should be posted here roughly mid-August-ish. (Going to be in Chicago on August 4th? Buy tickets to the show!)

Dayna’s 8-bit gaming request livestream, Eaten By A Grue, is on temporary hiatus but you can watch Tessa’s Let’s Play Corner on Mondays and Thursdays, 7 pm Central!

Book recommendation from listener Martin: Robert Asprin’s Myth Adventures. Also, listen to his Doctor Who podcast, Hoo On Who!

Listener Adriana suggests that you listen to World Peace Through Jackie Earle Haley, specifically their episode about the NOES *spit* remake.

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