[Review] Sunstone Volume 1

written by Brandon Moore and Kate Spencer

Kate and Brandon are hooked on a comic called Sunstone. It’s a heartwarming tale about lovers finding each other and navigating the turbulent waters of new relationships. Also, they have lots of sex with ropes and gags and stuff. Join us, won’t you?

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[Editorial] Crisis of Infinite Reboots

written by Kate Danvers

“Our goal is never to be in a position where we are restarting, relaunching a line, ever again. Quite the opposite. What we really want to do is build on what we created from the launch of New 52, take what existed beforehand, integrate that in, to give us the best interpretations of the characters that organically move forward, and are all part of one big continuity, that is DC Comics.”

You might think those words are from Geoff Johns as part of his announcement of DC’s new “Rebirth” event, but they’re not. That quote’s from Dan DiDio…last July.
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[Editorial] What’s Good For Sales Is Not Good For Comics

I have been a DC Comics fangirl for thirty years, and I’ve never been embarrassed by that until now.

Last Saturday was Free Comic Book Day across the U.S. FCBD is traditionally when comics companies, large and small, offer free issues which are designed to entice the reader into buying more of their product (thus benefiting the comic book store) and drawing in new readers. Usually a lot of the offerings are tuned into the latest successes of the properties in other media – there were plenty of Avengers stories for the taking last year, for example.

That’s where DC dropped the ball.

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